Carl Rist: Why I support Sen. Floyd B. McKissick, Jr.

Sen. Floyd McKissick has been one of Durham's stalwart progressive political leaders for the last 25+ years. Serving first for eight years on the Durham city council and, since 2007, in the North Carolina Senate, Floyd has served Durham with distinction on progressive issues ranging from sustainable development to racial justice.  I am particularly proud of the national recognition that Floyd received as the primary sponsor of North Carolina's Racial Justice Act. He has also introduced legislation which has served as a national model for automatic expunctions, and he is the co-sponsor of legislation which recently passed the NC Senate that will recodify and update North Carolina's land use and zoning laws.  Much of Floyd's time in the North Carolina Senate has coincided with the Republican takeover of the General Assembly.  During this time, he has been an energetic, passionate, and unwavering voice for progressive values and Durham's interests.  And he has also held important leadership positions in the Senate, such as chairing the North Carolina Legislative Black Caucus from 2010 to 2012.

Apart from all of his accomplishments, distinguished service and accolades, though, the reason I am most excited about supporting Floyd is that he has always been a personable, accessible, open, friendly and immensely knowledgeable public servant who does his homework and represents us well.  He has my wholehearted support, and I encourage you to vote for Floyd to represent District 20 in the NC Senate.

Bob Orr - “I urge you to vote for Allegra Collins for the North Carolina Court of Appeals”

I write to urge you to vote for Allegra Collins for the North Carolina Court of Appeals. I know Allegra personally. Having worked on a number of challenging cases with her, I have firsthand knowledge of her exemplary skills as an appellate attorney. I also know she is extremely well regarded in the legal community as a practitioner in our appellate courts and a professor of legal writing and appellate practice. Allegra is an independent thinker and a hard worker who is well versed in the work of the Court.  

She clerked for the Honorable Linda Stephens on the Court of Appeals, was an Assistant Appellate Reporter at our North Carolina Supreme Court, and represents clients in both criminal and civil appeals in our Court of Appeals and Supreme Court. As an athlete who represented the U.S.A. in the Pan-American Games, she knows all about hard work, dedication, and excellence.  Allegra is exceptionally well qualified - both personally and professionally - to be a judge on the North Carolina Court of Appeals. She has earned my wholehearted endorsement.

To learn more, go to her website. Please spread the word about Allegra and join me in supporting Allegra's campaign.


Bob Orr

Associate Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court - retired

Charlie Reece: "I am proud to endorse Dave Hall’s candidacy for the Durham district court bench"

Dave Hall has always stood up for the rights of poor people, folks victimized by the criminal justice system, and our formerly incarcerated neighbors. Dave possesses a deep knowledge of the law, but he also possesses a deep understanding that those who appear in our courts are real people with real lives. In 2014, Dave’s work with the FADE Coalition and the Southern Coalition for Social Justice helped bring about significant reforms in the policies and practices of the Durham Police Department — reforms that have made our city a better, safer and fairer community. I am confident that Dave will work as a district court judge to make Durham’s system of justice better, safer and fairer as well.

Dave Hall has the judgment, the temperament and the experience to excel as a district court judge here in Durham. I am happy to call Dave my friend, and I’m excited about the possibility that I will soon have the privilege of calling him “Your Honor.” I am proud to endorse Dave Hall’s candidacy for the Durham district court bench.

-- Charlie Reece

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