November 2016 Endorsements

PA PAC’s endorsement gets candidates elected!  Endorsements decisions are made by a vote of PA members at democratically run meetings where the candidates’ merits are debated and everyone has the right to speak.

President of the United States - Hillary Clinton

U. S. Senate - Deborah Ross

U. S. House of Representatives

            District 1 - G. K. Butterfield

            District 4 - David Price

Governor of North Carolina - Roy Cooper

Lt. Governor of North Carolina - Linda Coleman

N. C. Attorney General - Josh Stein

N. C. Commissioner of Labor - Charles Meeker

N. C. Supt. of Public Instruction - June Atkinson

N. C. State Treasurer - Dan Blue, III

N. C. State Auditor - Beth Wood

N. C. Commissioner of Agriculture - Walter Smith

N. C. Insurance Commissioner - Wayne Goodwin


N. C. Senate

            District 20 - Floyd McKissick

            District 22 - Mike Woodard


N. C. House of Representatives

            District 29 - Larry Hall

            District 30 - Paul Luebke

            District 31 - H. M. (Mickey) Michaux

            District 50 - Graig Meyer


Durham County Board of County Commissioners - Brenda Howerton, Wendy Jacobs, Ellen Reckhow, Heidi Carter, and James Hill

N. C. Supreme Court Justice - Mike Morgan

NC Court of Appeals - Abe Jones, Rickye McKoy-Mitchell, Vince Rozier, and Linda Stephens

N. C. District Court Judge - Shamieka Rhinehart

Durham County Register of Deeds - Sharon Davis

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