Mayor and Council Elections Underway

Campaigns for Durham Mayor and the three city council ward seats started officially on Friday, July 7th when filing officially opened.  So far only a handful of candidates have filed, but more than a dozen have announced their intention to seek office.  With four of seven council votes in the balance, the future of Durham is at stake in this election.

After fifteen years as mayor, Bill Bell has announced his intention to retire.  Who will fill his shoes?  Will it be former council member Farad Ali?  - current council member Steve Schewel?, - or maybe one of the relative newcomers, Tracy Drinker, Pierce Freelon, Michael Capell Johnson, or Kershemia Ramirez?

In Ward 1, long-time incumbent Cora Cole-McFadden will face challenger DeDreana Freeman.  Eddie Davis is not seeking reelection to the Ward 2 seat and his absence has attracted a host of hopefuls.   LeVon Barnes, Le’Andre Blakely, Robert Fluet, DeAnna Hall, Mark Anthony Middleton, Dolly Carlene Reaves, and John Rooks, Jr., have all indicated interest in the position.  In Ward 3, incumbent Don Moffitt will face challengers Vernetta Alston, Lenny Kovalick and Shelia Huggins.  Just who will actually file for office will remain an open question until July 21st when filing officially closes.

PA PAC’s job is to identify the best candidate for each seat and get him or her elected.  This will be no easy job, but PAC is up to the challenge.  Every candidate will be invited to complete PAC’s questionnaire. When all the questionnaire responses are returned, they will be posted here.  Every candidate will be invited to interview with PAC’s committee and the committee will report its findings and recommendations to the full PA membership at the PAC endorsement meeting at 6:30 p.m. on August 29th at the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at 4907 Garrett Road.  PA PAC endorsement decisions are made by PA members after listening to reports and debating the merits of the candidates.  Every member will get to speak.  It is an open and democratic process that has served PA and Durham well.  When PA PAC endorses and supports the best candidates, they win!  

PA PAC’s success depends on its members.  Every member should attend the endorsement meeting.  Members who have not renewed for 2017 should do so now!  Join or renew online.  Members should donate generously to the PAC, their PAC.  Click on the DONATE button and follow the instructions.  Members must volunteer to help canvass and work the polls. To volunteer, hit the VOLUNTEER button on this site.

For more information about PA PAC and its endorsement process, see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of this website.