2024 Candidate Questionnaires

Note that PA PAC solicited statements (rather than questionnaires) for candidates for US Congress, Auditor, Commissioner of Agriculture, Commissioner of Insurance, Commissioner of Labor, Secretary of State, and Durham County Register of Deeds.

PA PAC reached out to all candidates (regardless of party affiliation) for offices for which we created questionnaires or requested statements, and offered them the opportunity to participate in the endorsement process. Those candidates with links next to their names chose to participate. Candidates for each office are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Durham County Board of County Commissioners

Nida Allam (DEM) | QuestionnaireResume

Nimasheena Burns (DEM) | QuestionnaireBio

Michelle Burton (DEM) | QuestionnaireResume

Fredrick Davis (DEM) | QuestionnaireBio

Brenda Howerton (DEM) | QuestionnaireBio

Wendy Jacobs (DEM) | QuestionnaireBio

Mike Lee (DEM) | QuestionnaireResume

Jovonia Lewis (DEM) | QuestionnaireResume

Daryl Payton (DEM) | Questionnaire

Stephen Valentine (DEM) | QuestionnaireResume

Renee Vaughan (DEM) | Questionnaire

Durham County Board of Education (Non-Partisan Race)

District A

Wendell Tabb | QuestionnaireResume | Bio

District B

Millicent Rogers | QuestionnaireResume

District 3

Jessica Carda-Auten | QuestionnaireResume

At Large

Joy Harrell | QuestionnaireResume

Atrayus Goode | Questionnaire & Resume

Durham County Register of Deeds

Sharon Davis (DEM) | Statement

State House

District 02

Ray Jeffers (DEM) | Questionnaire

Jason Chambers (REP)

District 29

Vernetta Alston (DEM) | QuestionnaireResume

District 30

Marcia Morey (DEM) | Questionnaire | Resume

District 31

Zack Hawkins (DEM)

State Senate

District 20

Natalie Murdock (DEM) | QuestionnaireResume

Christopher Partain (REP)

District 22

Sophia Chitlik (DEM) | QuestionnaireResume

Mike Woodard (DEM) | Questionnaire

Ray Ubinger (LIB)

NC Supreme Court

Associate Justice Seat 06

Allison Riggs (DEM) | QuestionnaireResume

Lora Christine Cubbage (DEM) | Questionnaire

Jefferson Griffin (REP)

NC Court of Appeals Judge

Seat 12

Carolyn Jennings Thompson (DEM) | QuestionnaireResume

Tom Murry (REP)

Seat 14

Ed Eldred (DEM) | QuestionnaireResume

Valerie Zachary (REP)

Seat 15

Martin E. Moore (DEM)

Chris Freeman (REP)

Hunter Murphy (REP)

NC Superior Court Judge

District 16A Seat 01

Shamieka Rhinehart (DEM) | QuestionnaireResume

NC District Court Judge

District 16A Seat 07

Kendra Montgomery-Blinn (DEM) | QuestionnaireResume


Chrelle Booker (DEM)

Gary Foxx (DEM)

Josh Stein (DEM) | Statement

Michael (Mike) Morgan (DEM) | Questionnaire | Resume

Marcus Williams (DEM) | Statement

Wayne Turner (GRE) | Questionnaire | Resume

Shannon Bray (LIB)

Mike Ross (LIB)

Dale Folwell (REP)

Bill Graham (REP)

Mark Robinson (REP)

Lt. Governor

Ben Clark (DEM) | Questionnaire | Resume

Rachel Hunt (DEM) | Questionnaire | Bio

Mark H. Robinson (DEM)

Dee Watson (LIB)

Deanna Ballard (REP)

Peter Boykin (REP)

Rivera Douthit (REP)

Jeffrey Elmore (REP)

Marlenis Hernandez Novoa (REP)

Allen Mashburn (REP)

Jim O'Neill (REP)

Sam Page (REP)

Ernest T. Reeves (REP)

Hal Weatherman (REP)

Seth Woodall (REP)

NC Attorney General

Satana DeBerry (DEM) | Questionnaire | Bio

Tim Dunn (DEM)

Jeff Jackson (DEM) | Questionnaire | Resume

Dan Bishop (REP)

NC State Auditor

Jessica Holmes (DEM) | Statement | Resume

Bob Drach (LIB) | Statement | Resume

David Boliek (REP)

Jack Clark (REP)

Charles Dingee (REP)

Jim Kee (REP)

Jeff Tarte (REP)

Anthony Wayne (REP)

NC Commissioner of Agriculture

Sarah Taber (DEM) | Statement | Resume

Sean Haugh (LIB)

Colby (Bear) Hammonds (REP)

Steve Troxler (REP)

NC Commissioner of Insurance

Natasha Marcus (DEM) | Statement | Resume

David Wheeler (DEM) | Statement | Resume

C. Robert Brawley (REP) | Statement

Mike Causey (REP)

Andrew Marcus (REP)

NC Commissioner of Labor

Braxton Winston (DEM) | Statement | Resume

Luke Farley (REP)

Jon Hardister (REP)

Chuck Stanley (REP)

Travis J. Wilson (REP)

NC Secretary of State

Elaine Marshall (DEM) | Statement | Resume

Chad Brown (REP)

Christine Villaverde (REP)

Jesse Thomas (REP)

NC Superintendent of Public Instruction

Kenon Crumble (DEM)

Maurice (Mo) Green (DEM) | Questionnaire | Resume

C.R. Katie Eddington (DEM)

Michele Morrow (REP)

Catherine Truitt (REP)

NC State Treasurer

Gabe Esparza (DEM) | Questionnaire | Resume

Wesley Harris (DEM) | Questionnaire | Bio

Bradford Briner (REP)

A.J. Daoud (REP)

Rachel Johnson (REP)

US Congress - House of Representatives District 04

Valerie Foushee (DEM)

Guy Meilleur (LIB)

Eric Blankenburg (REP) | Statement | Resume

Mahesh (Max) Ganorkar (REP)

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