You shaped the outcome of this election

You helped elect new, progressive voices and change the outcome of this election.  You joined 127,000 voters in Durham County voters who cast their votes on Tuesday, helping send Anita Earls to the Supreme Court with over 80 percent of the vote in Durham County--the highest percentage of any county in North Carolina. You chose to send experienced leaders to Raleigh and Washington to help protect our progressive values and, along with their Democratic colleagues, break the supermajority in the General Assembly.  PA PAC-endorsed candidates John Arrowood, Toby Hampson, and Allegra Collins will head to the Court of Appeals.

You reaffirmed our commitment to transforming our criminal justice system by electing Clarence Birkhead as Sheriff and Satana Deberry as District Attorney.  In the three contested judicial races here in Durham, you chose to send Josephine Kerr Davis to the Superior Court and Dave Hall and Clayton Jones to the District Court.  Other strong progressives who did not face opposition also won their seats. For Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor, you elected PA PAC-endorsed David Harris and Natalie Murdock.

With your help, every People’s Alliance PAC-endorsed candidate won their race.


Complete election results are available here

People’s Alliance PAC would like to thank all the candidates who stood for office in this election.  

We thank all candidates for their commitment to the civic life of our city, county, and state.

People’s Alliance members came together to support progressive voices for a better Durham and North Carolina.  In total, nearly 200 volunteers and pollworkers made these victories possible.  They worked in 40 precincts and early voting sites across the county. They talked with tens of thousands of voters and told them why they supported PA PAC-endorsed candidates and why we needed to vote against the six constitutional amendments.  Other PA members delivered food, helped set up the September endorsement meeting for over 500 PA members and participated in interview committees. Their contributions helped us send our endorsement mailer to over 50,000 voters and distribute over 50,000 sample ballots.  

PA PAC continues to work for you.  You elected PAC Coordinators to make sure the interests of PA members were represented in this election.  You elected us to keep you informed and engaged. You asked us to be stewards of our collective resources and to support the candidates that shared our values.  In the coming weeks, we’ll take stock of what worked and how we can improve. We hope that you will take a moment to share your thoughts.

PA PAC will continue to evaluate our endorsement process.  We believe that PA PAC is strongest when new members who embrace our progressive values can join, engage in our political process, and share their strengths.  Whether you joined PA because you want to participate in one of PA’s action teams or because you are moved to speak on behalf of a candidate for office, we hope that you remain engaged. In the coming months, PA PAC will work with the People’s Alliance board and you, our members, to discuss ways to strengthen our membership process and keep everyone engaged in our political process.


Your PA PAC coordinators,


Nana Asante-Smith

Tom Feltner

Tom Miller

Milo Pyne

Rochelle Sparko

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