Why I’m Voting for Matt Sears

I'm supporting Matt Sears for re-election. As a public school parent I've watched up close as Matt and his family has fully embraced public schools. Matt's oldest attends Lakewood Elementary. This neighborhood school was their FIRST and only choice. Matt and Ellen have provided leadership to other parents at Lakewood and helped to grow leadership.

As a school board member Matt brings an innovation lens to his work. In a previous professional position Matt was able to travel the state and the nation to learn about best practice and ideas that lead to real success. As a member of the board he can assist the Superintendent as he learns to lead in Durham. Matt is a former teacher so he fully understands the challenges of the job and is there for teachers but also recognizes that we need not only to support but to transform our schools in Durham.

I proudly serve alongside Matt on the Lakewood PTA and I endorse his continued leadership in Durham.

Ann Rebeck
Durham PTA Parent

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