Judge Leon Stanback: "I am confident that Clayton Jones will be an excellent judge"

I have known Assistant District Attorney Clayton Jones since he first became a licensed attorney 15 years ago. Since that time I have watched him mature into a hardworking, humble, and caring attorney. It is clear to me that he strives for excellence with every case that he handles. During my time as a Superior Court Judge in Durham County, I have had many opportunities to observe Attorney Jones in court. He is always punctual and prepared. He has a strong reputation in the
Durham County legal community for being a fair and professional attorney.

I fully support Attorney Jones as Durham County’s next District Court Judge. Having been a judge for twenty years, I know what it takes for an attorney to become a good judge. An attorney must have knowledge of the law, patience, and mercy. Attorney Jones has all of these characteristics. He also is in the unique position to have worked as both an Assistant Public Defender and an Assistant
District Attorney in Durham County. I believe that his experience in both of these positions will ensure that he is fair to all people who appear before him. Having served in those positions has given him the opportunity to experience cases from both sides. I have seen him advocate zealously for defendants as a public defender and now for victims as an assistant district attorney. It is for these reasons that I am confident that Clayton Jones will be an excellent judge.

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