Senator Mike Woodard: "Why I’m voting for Toby Hampson"

I’m voting for Toby Hampson because he is far and away the best-qualified person in the race for Seat 2 on the NC Court of Appeals.

Toby has the right experience necessary to serve on the Court. He is professionally certified as an Appellate Specialist and clerked at the Court for Judges Eddie Greene, Bob Hunter, and our own Wanda Bryant.

Toby leads the Appellate Practice Group at his law firm where he handles all types of appeals before the Court. He is regularly recognized by his peers as one of the top appellate lawyers in North Carolina.

As I’ve also gotten to know Toby, I have been thoroughly impressed with his passion for the work of appellate courts, his commitment to the independence of our judiciary, and how much he cares about ensuring everyone that comes in contact with our judicial system is treated fairly and with respect.

The statewide judicial races are critical this year. It is vital we elect the right people with the right experience to our courts. Toby is one of those people, and that’s why he has my strongest endorsement and has earned my vote.

Please join me in electing Toby Hampson to the Court of Appeals.

Senator Mike Woodard

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