PA PAC Endorses Candidates for the 2024 Primary Election

PA PAC Press Release - Endorsements for 2024’s March Primary and November’s General National, Statewide, and Local Election

PA PAC Endorsement Meeting Held Virtually - Members meet to select a progressive slate of candidates to represent Durham

(Durham, N.C.) On Sunday afternoon, January 21, members of the PA PAC in Durham met virtually to debate and decide which candidates running for office in 2024 would get the group’s endorsement. Nearly 300 people attended the virtual meeting. 

The PA PAC shares a common vision and membership with the progressive People’s Alliance in Durham. In recent years, membership in the People’s Alliance has swelled and the PA PAC’s influence in elections has grown. In advance of this year’s endorsement meeting, the PA PAC solicited responses to questionnaires or statements from candidates running for offices from governor all the way down the ballot to the Board of Education. PA PAC volunteers also interviewed candidates whose races are contested in the Democratic  primary. The interview committees shared their recommendations at the endorsement meeting.

Endorsement decisions are made by the PA PAC membership at a meeting in advance of elections every year. At the meeting, PA PAC committees who have interviewed  the candidates make recommendations but ultimately the endorsement is decided by a vote of the members after rigorous debate. During Sunday’s meeting, dozens of members rose virtually to speak during the debate over these endorsements. Candidates value the PA PAC endorsement and work hard within transparent PA PAC rules to make sure their supporters in the organization get to the meeting. PA PAC members attend to persuade and be persuaded.

The PA PAC’s support of its candidates only begins with the endorsement. PA PAC campaigns for its candidates with organizing, events, mailings, social media, canvassing and poll work. This work is managed by a volunteer committee of PA PAC coordinators elected by the membership. Members give money to support the PA PAC campaign and volunteer for poll work and the many other tasks that are necessary to win elections.

The PA PAC endorsements are as follows:

US President

Joe Biden 

United States House of Representatives District 4           

Valerie Foushee

North Carolina Governor                                                      

Josh Stein

North Carolina Lt. Governor                       

Rachel Hunt

North Carolina Attorney General              

Satana Deberry

North Carolina State Auditor                                    

Jessica Holmes

North Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture                   

Sarah Taber

North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance                     

Natasha Marcus

North Carolina Commissioner of Labor                             

Braxton Winston II

North Carolina Secretary of State                                       

Elaine Marshall

North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction         

Maurice (Mo) Green

North Carolina State Treasurer                                            

Wesley Harris

North Carolina Supreme Court Seat 6

Allison Riggs

North Carolina Court of Appeals Seat 12

Carolyn Jennings Thompson

North Carolina Court of Appeals Seat 14

Ed Eldred

North Carolina Court of Appeals Seat 15

Martin E. Moore

North Carolina Senate District 20                            

Natalie Murdock

North Carolina Senate District 22                                       

Sophia Chitlik

North Carolina House District 2

Ray Jeffers

North Carolina House of Representatives District 29

Vernetta Alston

North Carolina House of Representatives District 30        

Marcia Morey

North Carolina House of Representatives District 31

Zack Hawkins

North Carolina Superior Court Judge                                  

Shamieka LaCher Rhinehart

North Carolina District Court Judge                                   

Kendra Montgomery-Blinn

Durham County Register of Deeds                                      

Sharon A. Davis

Durham County Board of Commissioners

Nida Allam

Wendy Jacobs

Mike Lee

Michelle Burton

Durham Public Schools Board of Education 

At-Large Seat

Joy Harrell

Durham Public Schools Board of Education

Consolidated District A Seat

Wendell Tabb

Public Schools Board of Education

Consolidated District B Seat                  

Millicent Rogers

Public Schools Board of Education 

District 3 Seat

Jessica Carda-Auten

These progressive candidates embody excellence and readiness to serve the people of Durham, North Carolina, and the nation. PA PAC is unwavering in its commitment to ensure their success.

Looking Ahead: With many candidates facing primary challenges in March and others debuting on the general election ballot in November, PA PAC will disseminate more information as the elections approach.

Heartfelt Thanks: PA PAC extends gratitude to all candidates filing for the 2024 elections, recognizing their dedication to serving the people of Durham and North Carolina.

For more information about PA PAC, visit and for more information about the progressive values that inform these endorsements visit

Contact: Nana Asante-Smith, PA PAC Coordinator (608) 512-9758.


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