Judicial and soil and water candidate questionnaires

Each election, PA PAC develops candidate questionnaires to better understand the candidates' positions on the important issues facing Durham and the state.  The questionnaires and resumes received to date for candidates seeking judicial and Soil and Water Conservation District offices are listed below.

N.C. Supreme Court

Anita Earls | Questionnaire and resume (Jackson Seat)

Barbara Jackson | no questionnaire submitted (Jackson Seat)

Christopher James Anglin | no questionnaire submitted (Jackson Seat)


NC Court of Appeals

John Arrowood | Questionnaire and resume (Arrowood Seat)

Andrew Heath | no questionnaire (Arrowood Seat)


Jefferson Griffin | Questionnaire and resume (Calabria Seat)

Toby Hampson | Questionnaire and resume (Calabria Seat)

Sandra Alice Ray | no questionnaire submitted (Calabria Seat)


Allegra Collins | Questionnaire and resume (Elmore Seat)

Chuck Kitchen | Questionnaire and resume (Elmore Seat)

Michael Monico | no questionnaire submitted (Elmore Seat)


District Court


Frederick Battaglia Jr. | Questionnaire and resume (Seat 1)

David Hall | Questionnaire and resume (Seat 1)


Doretta Walker | Questionnaire and resume (Seat 2)


Brian Wilks | Questionnaire and resume (Seat 4)


Jim Hill | Questionnaire and resume (Seat 5)

Clayton Jones, Jr. | Questionnaire and resume (Seat 5)


Amanda Maris | Questionnaire and resume (Seat 6)


Superior Court

Jim Hardin | Questionnaire and resume (Seat 1)

Michael O'Foghludha | Questionnaire and resume (Seat 2)


Dawn Baxton | Questionnaire and resume (Seat 3)

Josephine Kerr Davis | Questionnaire and resume (Seat 3)


Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor (two vacancies)

David Harris | Statement

Natalie Murdock | Statement

Laura Marie Davis | Statement

Jason Lynn Watson | no materials submitted 





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