Why We Support Nimasheena Burns

The People’s Alliance endorses Nimasheena Burns for the Durham Board of County Commissioners. Nimasheena is a North Carolina native with an experience working with local, state and the federal
government. With a strong background in cyber security and economics, Nimasheena currently manages an economic development partnership for the Department of Defense which helps small businesses diversify their
portfolios and contracts. The interview committee was impressed with Nimasheena’s experience with managing massive budgets and ability to work effectively with all levels of government. Throughout the
entirety of her professional career, Nimasheena has also advocated for Durham’s most vulnerable communities through several charitable organizations. Nimasheena’s record speaks for itself and she has proven that her
positions on education, criminal justice reform and fair housing align with those of the People’s Alliance. Although she has yet to have held public office in Durham, the interview committee firmly believes that
Nimasheena’s unique skillset, experience and passion will make her a fantastic member of the Board of County Commissioners.

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