Why We Support Marion T Johnson for City Council Ward 1

From Kelsey Dawson, she/her. Queer Activist and Durham Service Industry Laborer. 

I #chooseDurham because the changes I’ve watched happen in Durham over the last decade plus have increasingly made me worried for Durham's future as a diverse and affordable city. Durham needs smart and creative problem solving within our leadership structures to create change that leads us away from gentrification, housing inequality, and police brutality. I believe Marion is dedicated to growing and supporting all citizens of Durham’s needs, not just the super wealthy and white. We would all benefit from the accountability, brilliance, and care Marion would bring to the role of City council member. Her professional and lived experiences make her uniquely qualified to address our cities complex issues with strength and gusto.

From Marcus Morrow, he/him. Former PA board member. 

I'm excited for Marion to represent Durham because I've seen her tirelessly work to understand the needs of the underserved in our community. Marion is the rare type of leader who not only advocates for the powerless in our community, but also has the experience and knowledge of how policy can affect change. I love Durham and I want a council with leaders who care about creating a community that embraces equality and fairness for Durham residents of different classes and race. I believe that Marion is that type of leader and I'm glad she will be representing Durham.  

From Brian Kennedy, he/him. Former Human Relations Commission member. 

When I first met Marion Johnson we were working at the North Carolina Budget and Tax Center. There Marion worked as a policy advocate, leading coalitions both locally and statewide. Marion contains the rare combination of a wonk and an advocate. She deeply understands the ends and outs of local policy. She has the training and skill set to crunch the numbers, analyze the econometrics, and write the policy briefs.

But much more importantly, Marion cares. She cares about equity. She cares about justice. She cares about fairness. Marion served as MY Union Chair, UAW Local 2320. She fought for a fair and transparent salary structure because she knew that was key in ensuring pay equity. Marion took the role of union chair not because it was glorious and easy (spoiler: it was neither). She took on the role because she saw a need and knew she could fight to make a difference. And she did fight. And she did make a difference. Because that’s who Marion T. Johnson is. Marion sees inequity and does the hard work to address it. She sees injustice, and she speaks up. Durham deserves Marion T. Johnson on city council.

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