Why I support Javiera Caballero for Mayor of Durham

From People's Alliance PAC member Millicent Rogers

I first met Councilwoman Caballero at a meeting at E.K. Powe Elementary School. We came together to develop the Bull City Community Schools initiative in our local elementary schools - a vision for transforming schools to serve Durham holistically. Javiera lit up the room and it was clear that she was a natural leader. Javiera worked to bring together diverse groups of people, from several different schools to make them all -- parents, principals, educators, and even some other current elected officials -- understand that there was a sense of urgency to activate the Community Schools Model to address the needs of the whole child. 

Javiera has a unique perspective that really brings people together. I would later learn that most of this extends from her story of resilience, and her ability to recognize how the trauma of homelessness, violence, gentrification, and racism can be alleviated by listening to all voices and making policy decisions that are measured, effective and grounded in community needs.  As a Councilwoman, she has used her experiences to develop programming that makes Durham a place where immigrants, like herself, and longtime residents such as myself, can all live and thrive. Javiera has been an advocate for so many of the policies that PA has stood for and I am thrilled that we have chosen to stand with her for this election

I appreciate Javiera’s advocacy as a council member for the issues that matter to all Durham residents, including language access, affordable housing programs, robust COVID-19 response by the council, and environmental policy. Javiera’s experiences and ability to bring people together even in times of crisis are demonstrative of the leadership that we need to have as Mayor of Durham. I look forward to seeing the kinds of change Durham can have with Javiera as the first Latinx Mayor and a Mayor that all of us celebrate together. 

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