Vote October 11 for Bill Bell, Eugene Brown, Diane Catotti, and Steve Schewel!

Be sure to vote  in the 2011 Primary! Early Voting begins September 22nd and closes on October 8th. Election Day is October 11th. Be sure to vote for all three council candidates.

Check out our attractive Primary Endorsement Card. We raised funds to print and distribute this to over 5,000 likely voting households for the Primary. We are still raising funds for our General Election card. If you'd like to contribute, please fill out our contribution card and mail it, along with check to PA-PAC, P.O. Box 3221, Durham, NC 27715.


Mayor Bill Bell has provided steady political leadership for the City of Durham, and has presided over a period of growth and economic revitalization. His approach is sensible and effective. Even in a period of economic downturn, Durham’s transformation while Bill has been mayor has been nothing short of remarkable.Few can match his record of public service. He should be re-elected for another term.

Diane Catotti is the anchor of the progressive viewpoint on Council. She will continue to work for affordable housing, thoughtful and balanced development, transit, and improvement of roads, parks, and other services. In her two terms on the council she has established herself as someone who does her homework and who is alwaysready for hard work. We are happy to endorse her re-election.

Steve Schewel is a committed, thoughtful, and practical progressive. He is an educator, a journalist, and a businessman. His Independent Weekly has long provided special insight into Durham affairs—always quick to cheer our successes and shine light on our difficulties. He is dedicated to community service and as an elected leader he will not shrink from tough decisions. As a member of the Durham School Board his patient and respectful style brought peace to a body paralyzed with infi ghting and got it working again. Count on Steve to work to improve neighborhoods at risk and to enhance programs and opportunities for Durham’s youth and those most in need. His run for council is a stroke of good fortune for the community.

Eugene Brown is an independent voice on Council and provides a significant viewpoint on issues of fiscal responsibility. He asks hard questions and makes sure important issues get aired. As the owner of a successful real estate business, he knows Durham and is a jealous guardian of the community’s welfare, special heritage, and reputation. Gene is an advocate for neighborhoods and growth when it makes sense. He deserves another term.

These three candidates will become part of a strong team that will help formulate progressive policies for Durham in these fiscally challenging times.



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