Steve, DeDreana, John and Vernetta

Earlier this week, more than 400 PA members--our friends, family and neighbors--voted to endorse Steve Schewel for mayor and DeDreana Freeman, John Rooks, Jr. and Vernetta Alston for city council.

The People's Alliance PAC issued endorsements for the mayor and city council are chosen by a democratic vote of our membership.  Candidates also submitted People's Alliance PAC questionnaires and were interviewed by a committee of People's Alliance members.

PA PAC drew upon the recently adopted new vision and mission statement of the People's Alliance, seeking candidates who will work to dismantle structural racism and other forms of oppression in Durham, including sexism, Islamophobia, xenophobia; anti-semitism and homophobia, who will advocate for a living wage, who will make affordable housing a strong city priority, who will ensure Durham has clean water and air for years to come, and who will fight for all Durham residents to live without fear of state-sanctioned violence.

You read the Herald-Sun--”In the three races since 2009, every municipal candidate the People’s Alliance endorsed has won.”  But it takes more than an endorsement.  PA PAC-endorsed candidates win when PA members volunteer at the polls and help us reach out to Durham voters.

And that means raising money to share their story with tens of thousands of Durham voters.  Can you help us reach our goal of 200 new donors by the start of early voting on September 21?

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