Soliciting Judical Vacancy Candidates

Superior Court Judge Endorsement

After a professional career lasting nearly forty years and devoted almost entirely to public service, Judge Jim Hardin will retire on May 1. Universally respected for his firmness, fairness, patience, and judicial temperament, Judge Hardin has always earned PA PAC’s endorsement. We thank him for his service and congratulate him on a well-deserved retirement.

But the vacancy he leaves on Durham’s bench deserves PA’s attention. Governor Cooper must appoint a suitable candidate to fill Judge Hardin’s seat. PA PAC must weigh in on that decision and urge the Governor to appoint the best candidate to serve Durham. We will make that decision together at our meeting on the 29th. Already the PAC Coordinators are organizing candidate questionnaires and calendaring candidate interviews. The PAC will share questionnaire responses here when the candidates have completed them. At the meeting the interview committee will make their report and share their recommendation. Then our membership will debate and vote on who among the candidates we will recommend to Governor Cooper.

Candidates interested in the PA PAC’s endorsement process are urged to contact PA PAC coordinator Tom Miller right away.

Tom’s e-mail address is [email protected].

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