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Poll work is a great opportunity to encourage and educate voters on about all of the choices on the ballot. Many voters this cycle will show up for the sole purpose of voting for President Obama. We need to make sure they know about ALL the critical choices and races on their ballot - from Walter Dalton and Linda Coleman to County Commissioners and the CRITICAL non-partisan judicial races on the back of the ballot. We want to make sure every voter steps into that booth prepared to vote in all contests. Many voters will appreciate our information on progressive candidates and want our materials for themselves, families, coworkers & friends.

Early Vote shifts are our top priority. The Obama for America campaign will be pushing all new registrants and less-regular voters to vote early.

Before you go, please read these rules about campaigning at election sites. Information such as this and other poll work instructions will be included with your materials.

HAVE MORE QUESTIONS? Watch this training video to see if this job is right for you! We need you!

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