Protect Our Democracy


Anyone who knows me knows I am not prone to hyperbole. 

But while the GOP’s irresponsibility on COVID-19 is rightly the story of the day, the biggest story should still be President Trump’s campaign to delegitimize the November election in an effort to steal the election.

(Skip to the end of this email for a concrete way to take action and protect our democracy!)

I consider myself a progressive and a patriot. Despite acknowledging our failings and deficiencies, I believe in contributing meaningfully to the American project of strengthening our union and striving to live up to our ideals. Twice in my life, I have taken the following oath:

“I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same…”

The first time was as a high schooler when I had the great fortune to attend American Legion Badger Boys State and be elected and sworn in as Governor. The second time was more official: as a Peace Corps Volunteer serving our country abroad.

I dislike President Trump on many levels: I abhor his politics, I am repulsed by his embrace of white supremacy, and I don’t have a frame of reference to comprehend his shameless dishonesty. I have disliked other U.S. Presidents and have rallied, protested, donated and voted in response, but Donald Trump is the first president who I believe is a threat to our democracy and our constitution. Donald Trump has made my oaths real to me.

The surest way we can protect our democracy is to defeat Trump clearly and resoundingly. One of the most powerful ways is to contribute to the organizing happening in Durham, NC. North Carolina is ground zero for the Presidential election and the U.S. Senate, and with high enough turnout in Durham, we can help deliver the Senate to the Democrats and the Presidency to Joe Biden.

I know you have given so much and you were so kind to support me in different ways during my own campaign. If you are able to give just a little bit more, there is no better way than to send $25, $100 or $500 to the People’s Alliance PAC. Regardless of your politics, the PA PAC has the turnout operation that can deliver the Durham votes we need to defeat Donald Trump, win the Senate and secure the future of our democracy. And there is no overhead – 100% of your dollars go to direct voter outreach.

$100 will get a mailing card into the hands of 360 Durham voters

$500 will pay for 2.5 days of a poll greeter


We can do this. Please join me. The stakes are just that high.


Be well,

Matt Kopac
Member, People's Alliance PAC

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