People's Alliance PAC Endorses Anjali Boyd for Soil and Water Supervisor

The PA PAC enthusiastically endorses Anjali Boyd for Durham Soil & Water District Supervisor. Boyd is a marine ecologist, entrepreneur, and educator who is dedicated to environmental justice, education, and economic development in the Durham community. She prioritizes these goals for Durham and will bring them to our community in a way that is grounded in a commitment to inclusivity and access for all. Boyd has a deep understanding of the ways in which issues such as food insecurity unjustly plague communities right here in Durham. She will utilize a progressive, transparent, and equitable approach to address Durham's concerns and needs and ensure that marginalized communities are not left behind as Soil and Water Supervisors work to protect and enhance soil and water quality in our community. She will amplify the voices of people of color, youth, and women. Her principles are invaluable and will undoubtedly serve Durham well. 
A current PhD student at Duke University‘s Nicholas School of the Environment and an Associate Supervisor did the Durham County Soil and Water Conservation District, Boyd is no stranger to the world of water quality, natural resource management, and environmental conservation. Her meaningful experience, long-standing engagement in the community, and perspective as a native of Durham qualify her as the ideal candidate for position.  

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