PA PAC Post-Election Message

What a crazy election season! COVID alone made it strange, but our former president made it surreal. His refusal to accept the election results crossed the border of fantasy lend without a passport. And then, after the results were in the dozens of lawsuits were thrown out of court, it got scary. Trump supporters stormed the United States Capitol to stop the formal certification of Joe Biden’s electoral victory. Whoever would have believed it? We kept writing up this post-election piece and then putting it on hold until the next thing happened.

The People’s Alliance Political Action Committee is pleased to announce that along with our pollworkers, volunteers, and electoral partners including the Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People and the Democratic Party, we helped Durham deliver a historic margin for Democratic candidates. Durham’s percentage of vote for Democratic candidates was about 80%, with Governor Cooper gaining 82%! The margin of votes was equally impressive and historic – Cooper’s margin was over 117,000! The Biden-Harris ticket garnered a net 112,000 votes from our county alone. Durham is only the state’s fourth largest county, but in terms of progressive voting we punch like the much larger Wake and Mecklenberg. Don’t think statewide candidates haven’t seen how much Durham can do.

We want to offer hearty thanks to all of our conscientious and dedicated pollworkers and volunteers, and our sincere congratulations to our candidates who won election, including Governor Cooper, Attorney-General Stein, Auditor Beth Wood, Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, and member of Congress David Price. We also want to congratulate our legislative delegation, and our incoming first all-female Board of Commissioners and the first Muslim-American elected official in NC, Nida Allam! We also offer our congratulations to incoming Conservation District Soil and Water Supervisor Anjali Boyd!

We wish we could have carried the Biden-Harris ticket and other statewide candidates to victory; we thank Yvonne Holley, Jenna Wadsworth, Wayne Goodwin, Jessica Holmes, Jen Mangrum, and Ronnie Chatterji for their outstanding efforts and wish them well. This state-wide Democratic ticket was unprecedented in its inclusion of people of color and more specifically black women. We believe this bodes well for the future of a more diverse government for the people of North Carolina that will work for the interests of working people.

Now Joe Biden and Pamela Harris are in office. How quickly they are restoring dignity and compassion to our nation’s highest offices. After four years of a president who actively sowed seeds of division and whose administration thrived on falsehoods and fear, President Biden and Vice-president Harris offer  a message of unity, of open-handedness, of tolerance, patience, and of truthfulness.

In Durham, PA’s work cannot stop. There is no time to rest on our laurels. The work of justice, equity, and democracy is more important now than it ever has been.

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