PA-PAC Election News

Filing has begun for the Durham City Council 2011 election and will come to a close August 12th. So far, Mayor Bill Bell is running unopposed. There are three council members whose seats are up in 2011 – Diane Catotti, Eugene Brown, and Farad Ali. Both Catotti and Brown are seeking seek re-election, while Ali is not. As of this date, Steve Schewel, a former school board member, Victoria Peterson, and Alice Bailey have also filed. (Check Filings Here!)


We will hold interviews with the candidates on August 20th, followed by our Endorsement Meeting on August 22nd at 6:30 pm at St. Luke’s Church (Hillandale & I-85). A PA-Chapter information session on the transit and education tax referenda will be held at the beginning of the meeting. During the PAC portion of the meeting, our members will decide, by open vote, PA’s stance on the ballot referenda and who our endorsed candidates will be. Please join us and make this process even more democratic by adding your insight, questions, concerns, and most importantly – your vote.


All PA members are eligible to participate. Only members who joined prior to June 22 of this year and whose dues are current may vote, however. You may renew your membership at the meeting and be eligible to vote. Candidates may not be present when their contest is under discussion.

(Updated 8/8/11)

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