Message For District Court Judge Candidates

Candidates interested in PA PAC’s endorsement for the upcoming gubernatorial appointment to the
District Court Judge seat being vacated by Judge Brian C Wilks should contact PA PAC Coordinator Nana Asante-Smith right away. Nana may be reached at [email protected]

PA PAC will ask candidates interested in the PAC’s endorsement to provide PAC with a resume or a
biographical statement and responses to a questionnaire. It is also our intention set up candidate
interviews, but arrangements for interviews are not complete at this time. Information provided by
candidates will be published for the benefit of PA’s membership.

The endorsement for this appointment will be made by the PA membership at a meeting scheduled for
September 1, 2021. For more information about how endorsement decisions are made and who may attend the
endorsement meeting, please see the FAQ section on this website and the event 2021 Municipal and District Court Endorsement Meeting

PA PAC will communicate its endorsement message to Governor Cooper immediately following the

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