Joining PA and voting at the 2019 endorsement meeting

The People’s Alliance PAC is working to schedule the 2019 endorsement meeting to consider candidates for Durham mayor, three at-large city council seats and the proposed affordable housing bond.  Scheduling conflicts at major venues in Durham and increased seating, insurance and parking needs have resulted in some delays in securing an appropriate and accessible venue. We apologize for this inconvenience.

We expect to hold this year’s endorsement meeting no earlier than August 20, and possibly later than that date.  You must be a People’s Alliance member to participate in the endorsement meeting.  

For existing PA members, and lapsed members who have not yet renewed their membership for the 2019 calendar year, you can renew online at any time before the endorsement meeting to speak on behalf of a candidate and vote for your preferred candidates.  Membership renewal will also be available the day of the meeting.

For people who are considering PA membership and would like to attend and vote at the endorsement meeting, you must join PA at least 60 days before the endorsement meeting--or June 20.  While the endorsement meeting may be held later than August 20 due to venue availability, it will not be held earlier than that date, so any new members that join on or before June 20 will be assured of the ability to vote at the endorsement meeting.

New members who join less than 60 days before the endorsement meeting are encouraged to attend and speak on behalf of candidates but can not vote to endorse a candidate for office.  

We expect to notify members of the date and venue in the coming weeks and appreciate your patience as we work to find a venue appropriate this meeting.

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