Over 40 Candidates Seek People's Alliance PAC Endorsement

This year, your People's Alliance PAC was honored to have larger participation by candidates in its endorsement process than ever before. That candidates up and down the ballot want to be a part of the PA PAC's endorsement process speaks to the value of our endorsement locally and state-wide.

The PA PAC relies on volunteers to vet candidates and make thoughtful recommendations to the membership. For the 2020 election, we had four interview committees. 

  • The state interview committee interviewed 20 candidates, including candidates for US Senate down to State House. More statewide candidates than ever before sought our endorsement in 2020.
  • The education committee interviewed all five of the candidates for the Durham Board of Education
  • The law committee interviewed eight candidates for NC Court of Appeals and NC Supreme Court.
  • The local interview committee interviewed nine candidates for Board of County Commissioners.

All told, 25 people volunteered to serve on interview committees and vetted over 40 candidates. Please join PA PAC in thanking everyone who took part in the process. It's been a heavy lift in a very short amount of time, and we appreciate the volunteers and the candidates who helped make this the largest endorsement process in PA PAC's history.

The People's Alliance PAC endorsement is valuable because voters trust the process, and we are able to publicize our endorsements by sending mailers to likely voters and placing paid pollworkers at high-turnout early voting and election day polls. Paying for mailers and for the time of our pollworkers is expensive and worth every penny; we ask that you support the continued influence of the PA PAC by making a donation today.


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