PA PAC Hosts Biggest Endorsement Meeting in its History. Members Endorse Cooper for Governor and Others Up and Down the Ballot

On Tuesday evening, January 14, members of the People’s Alliance PAC in Durham met to debate and decide which candidates running in 2020 would get the group’s endorsement. Approximately six hundred people attended the meeting, the largest in the PAC’s forty-five year history. During the check-in process before the meeting, candidates from all over North Carolina running for nearly every office on the ballot, from Lieutenant Governor to local school board, were present to work the crowd.

PA PAC is a political action committee that shares a common vision and membership with the progressive People’s Alliance in Durham. In recent years membership in the People’s Alliance has swelled and the PAC’s influence in elections has grown. Nearly every currently-serving official elected by Durham voters was endorsed by PA PAC. In the weeks before this year’s endorsement meeting, PAC committees solicited responses to questionnaires from candidates running in eleven state and local contests and interviewed more than forty candidates.

Endorsement decisions are made by the PAC membership at a meeting in advance of elections every year. At the meeting, PAC committees who have studied the candidates make recommendations, but ultimately the endorsement is decided by a vote of the members after rigorous debate. During Tuesday’s meeting, more than fifty people rose to speak just during the debate over county commissioner endorsements. The entire meeting ran late into the night, but members stayed until the last endorsement decision was made. Candidates value the PA PAC endorsement and work hard within transparent PAC rules to make sure their supporters in the organization get to the meeting. PAC members attend to persuade and be persuaded.

When Governor Roy Cooper learned he had won PA PAC’s endorsement for 2020, he wrote, "I’m honored to receive this endorsement from People’s Alliance PAC. Whether it means fighting for real pay increases for teachers and other educators, pushing for Medicaid expansion, building a true line of defense against climate change, or protecting our communities, I'm committed to fighting for the issues that matter to North Carolinians." PA PAC shares Governor Cooper’s commitment.

The PAC’s support of its candidates only begins with the endorsement. PA PAC campaigns for its candidates with organizing, events, mailings, social media, canvassing and poll work. This work is managed by a committee of PAC coordinators elected by the membership. Members give money to support the PAC campaign and volunteer for poll work and the many other tasks that are necessary to win elections.

On Tuesday, PA PAC members voted to endorse...

President of the United States 

Any among Elizabeth Warren , Joseph Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, or Bernie Sanders

United States Senate     

Erica Smith

United States House of Representatives District 4           

David Price

North Carolina Governor                                                          

Roy A. Cooper

North Carolina Lt. Governor                       

Chaz Beasley

North Carolina Attorney General              

Joshua H. Stein

North Carolina State Auditor                                    

Beth Wood

North Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture                       

Jennifer Wadsworth

North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance                         

Wayne Goodwin

North Carolina Commissioner of Labor                                 

Jessica Holmes

North Carolina Secretary of State                                           

Elaine Marshall

North Carolina State Treasurer                                                

Ronnie Chatterji

North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction         

Jen Mangrum

North Carolina Senate District 20                            

Natalie Murdock

North Carolina Senate District 22                                           

Mike Woodard

North Carolina House of Representatives District 29

Vernetta Alston

North Carolina House of Representatives District 30        

Marcia Morey

North Carolina House of Representatives District 31

Zack Hawkins

North Carolina House of Representatives District 54

Robert Reives

North Carolina Supreme Court Seat 01

Cheri Beasley

North Carolina Supreme Court Seat 02

Lucy Inman

North Carolina Supreme Court Seat 04 

Mark Davis

North Carolina Court of Appeals Seat 04               

Patricia Shields

North Carolina Court of Appeals Seat 05

Lora Cubbage

North Carolina Court of Appeals Seat 06


Gray Styers


North Carolina Court of Appeals Seat 07

Reuben Young

North Carolina Court of Appeals Seat 08

Chris Brook

North Carolina Superior Court Judge                                      

Orlando Hudson

North Carolina District Court Judge                                       

Shamieka Rhinehart

Durham County Register of Deeds                                          

Sharon Avery Davis

Durham County Board of Commissioners

Nida Allam

Nimasheena Burns

Heidi Hale Carter

Wendy Jacobs

Matt Kopac

Durham Public Schools Board of Education At-large     

Alexandra Valladares

Durham School Board District A

Jovonia Lewis

School Board District B                            

Xavier Cason

These progressive candidates are the most qualified and best prepared to serve the people of Durham, North Carolina, and the nation.  PA PAC is dedicated to helping them win.

Many of PA PAC’s candidates will face primary challengers in March. Others will appear on the ballot the first time during the general election in November. PA PAC will prepare and distribute more information about the candidates as the elections draw nearer. Watch for more information.

PA PAC expresses its thanks to all candidates who have filed for election in the 2020 elections.  We admire your desire to serve the people of Durham and North Carolina.  

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