Election Results

The People’s Alliance PAC offers congratulations to the successful candidates elected and re-elected in the November 2 Municipal Election. We are happy and proud that Durham will have its first Black woman Mayor! This is a remarkable milestone for our city. 

We look forward to working with Mayor-elect Elaine O’Neal, City Council members DeDreana Freeman and Mark-Anthony Middleton, and Councilmember-elect Leonardo Williams. Under Mayor O’Neal’s leadership, we are certain that Durham can and will unite to expand and institute progressive policies for the Bull City. Community safety, police reform, fighting racial injustice, environmental stewardship, sustainable housing and transportation, and equitable economic growth are central issues facing Durham, and we know and trust that our new and continuing leadership will fight for each and every one of these issues.

We want to thank all of our pollworkers and volunteers who worked hard on behalf of our endorsed candidates Marion Johnson and AJ Williams. We also want to thank Javiera Caballero for her efforts during the primary campaign, and to Marion and AJ for their efforts in advancing a progressive agenda. We are very excited to have seen them step up to run for public office and look forward to seeing their continued leadership in Durham.

Not one step back – on to 2022!

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