City Council announces seven finalists for vacant seat

At a special session held Thursday January 4, the Durham City Council voted to shorten the list of applicants for the vacant at-large council seat from twenty-two to seven.  The seven candidates who made City Council’s cut are listed below.  Candidates who were not selected for further consideration will not be considered for endorsement by PA PAC.

PA PAC will interview six of these seven candidates in advance of its endorsement meeting scheduled for Monday January 8.  One candidate did not respond to the PAC’s invitation to participate in our endorsement process.  PAC’s coordinators will report on candidate interviews at our meeting Monday evening.

RSVP for the PA PAC candidate endorsement meeting on January 8

When available, candidate questionnaires and resumes are provided below.


Sheila Marlene Arias Abonza - Questionnaire and resume

Javiera Caballero - Questionnaire and resume

Pierce Freelon - Questionnaire and resume

Kaaren Haldeman - Questionnaire and resume

Shelia Huggins - Questionnaire | Resume (materials submitted for consideration for the Ward 3 PA PAC endorsement in advance of the August 29, 2017 endorsement meeting)

Carl Rist - Questionnaire and resume

Maria de Pilar Rocha-Goldberg - Questionnaire and resume


The complete list of applications submitted for the City Council at-Large vacancy is available here.

The complete list of completed City Council questionnaires is available here.

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