A big step towards a better Durham

Yesterday was a big step towards a better Durham.  Steve Schewel will be the next mayor of Durham.  He’ll be joined by DeDreana Freeman and Vernetta Alston on City Council.  

People’s Alliance PAC would like to thank John Rooks, Jr. and congratulate him on a strong campaign in the Ward 2 race.  We know that John will continue to raise important issues and engage the people in Ward 2 and across the city that helped him secure the People’s Alliance PAC endorsement.  We look forward to see what he will take on next.   

People’s Alliance PAC would also like to congratulate Mark-Anthony Middleton for his successful race.  We know that Mark is committed to Durham’s future, and we look forward to seeing his campaign commitments in action.

Complete election results are available here

You made your voice heard.   Developers and real estate interests poured big money into Durham in an attempt to put us on a path towards rising rents and too many of our neighbors getting pushed out of their homes.  It didn’t work.  You stood up for PA’s values-- affordable housing, living wage jobs, equal rights for all, racial equity and a healthy environment.  

Let’s take a moment to remember how we got this far. Yesterday, over 60 volunteers worked across the city to tell voters why Steve, DeDreana, John and Vernetta were the best team for Durham.  During the primary and general elections, over 150 people worked with PA PAC to elect our endorsed candidates.   In all,  We sent our endorsement mailer to over 50,000 voters.  Twice.  We passed out over 30,000 sample ballots.

This was a campaign of hard choices between great candidates.  As we celebrate, let’s also take a moment to thank all of the candidates for their service, their commitment and their continued work for the public interest.  They are our friends and neighbors and they put themselves into the public spotlight to share their vision for the city.  We are better for it.

Now we need to get to work. City council will appoint a new council member to replace the at-large seat vacated by Steve Schewel.  PA PAC will notify members about that process in the coming weeks.  We also need to stay engaged and hold this council accountable.

Thank you for your support and your hard to work to keep Durham progressive.

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