Support Our Candidates

People's Alliance PAC encourages all our members to volunteer for one of our endorsed candidates in the weeks prior to Election Day 2022. So much is on the line; Medicaid expansion, funding for public schools and universities, community safety, ballot access, abortion, and so much more. Take the time to canvass, phone bank, or text bank for a candidate you support, and then join your PA PAC at the polls handing out our green ballots to every Durham County voter.

Cheri Beasley, US Senate

The Beasley campaign needs you! They have a recurring Durham canvass (every Saturday) and a daily virtual phone bank. Sign up to canvass or phone bank for our next Senator:

Ray Jeffers, House District 2

Mr. Jeffers is running a hotly contested race in his district, which includes north Durham. His campaign has a Mobilize site that they would like People's Alliance PAC members to use to sign up to volunteer. The campaign has a standing phone bank on Tuesdays and will add door knocking events soon. 

Marcia Morey, House District 30

Rep. Morey would love to have PA canvassers help her reach out to voters in House district 30 to spread the message about the importance of the election for NC voters. Rep. Morey is especially interested in training volunteers to talk about the importance of NC court races and US Senate race. The candidate herself plans to walk as much of the district as possible. Join Rep. Morey by emailing the campaign at [email protected]

***If you are (or work for) a PA PAC -endorsed candidate and would like PA PAC to share your volunteer opportunities here, contact the People's Alliance PAC coordiantors at [email protected]***

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