PA PAC endorses judicial and soil and water candidates, votes to oppose constitutional amendments

Yesterday, more than 500 PA members--our friends, family, and neighbors--voted to endorse progressive voices for North Carolina Supreme Court, North Carolina Court of Appeals, Durham County District and Superior courts, and Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisors.  PA members also voted to oppose all six Constitutional amendments.

The People's Alliance PAC endorsements are chosen by a democratic vote of our membership.  Members had the opportunity to review candidates’ responses to the People’s Alliance PAC questionnaire, and hear a report on each race from an interview committee made up of People’s Alliance members.  We choose the best candidates for the job--candidates whose values and work reflect the People’s Alliance vision and mission statement (English, En Español).  PA PAC thanks all candidates running for office.  Up and down the ballot we made tough choices between strong candidates seeking to represent Durham and the state.

But it takes more than an endorsement.  PA PAC-endorsed candidates win when PA members volunteer at the polls and donate to help us reach out to Durham voters.

Judicial and Soil and Water endorsements on the ballot in November

N.C. Supreme Court (Jackson Seat):  Anita Earls

NC Court of Appeals (Arrowood seat):  John Arrowood

NC Court of Appeals (Calabria seat): Toby Hampson

NC Court of Appeals (Elmore Seat): Allegra Collins


District Court (Seat 1): Dave Hall

District Court (Seat 2): Doretta Walker

District Court (Seat 3): Pat Evans

District Court (Seat 4): Brian Wilks

District Court (Seat 5): Clayton Jones, Jr.

District Court (Seat 6): Amanda Maris


Superior Court (Seat 1): Jim Hardin

Superior Court (Seat 2): Michael O'Foghludha

Superior Court (Seat 3): Josephine Kerr Davis  


Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor (two vacancies)

David Harris

Natalie Murdock



PA PAC-endorsed candidates from May primary on the ballot in November

United State House of Representatives District 1:  G. K. Butterfield

United States House of Representatives District 4:  David Price   

North Carolina Senate District 20:  Floyd B. McKissick, Jr.                                                                                                                    

North Carolina Senate District 22:  James Michael Woodard        

North Carolina House of Representatives District 29:  MaryAnn Black                                                                            

North Carolina House of Representatives District 30:  Marcia Morey       

North Carolina House of Representatives District 31:  Zack Hawkins

North Carolina House of Representatives District 54:  Robert Reives, II


Durham County Sheriff:  Clarence Birkhead

Durham County District Attorney:  Satana Deberry

Durham County Clerk of Superior Court:  Archie Smith

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