Ken Rose, a long time PA member is supporting Satana Deberry for DA

“I have spent thirty-seven years litigating cases as an advocate in the criminal justice system, representing death row inmates and advocating for criminal justice reform, racial justice and the abolition of the death penalty. I am writing to ask you to join me in supporting Satana Deberry for District Attorney in Durham, County.”

“I believe that our criminal justice system is broken; the United States is responsible for nearly 25% of the world’s prisoners and a grossly disproportionate share of our country's inmates are people of color. In Durham, our jail and courtrooms are filled with Black and Brown people. Our prosecutors continue to employ many of the same punitive tactics that have failed for decades including harsh and punitive sentencing, high bonds, cash bail, and maximum charges to induce plea bargains.”

“Satana has had experience inside the criminal justice system as a criminal defense attorney and has had wide exposure to the problems defendants and victims face daily. Equally important, she has dedicated her career to addressing the issues that plague the lives of poor and oppressed people in our county: lack of adequate housing, poverty, abuse and neglect, addictions and mental illness.”

“If elected, I believe Satana will argue for reduced bonds, seek to eliminate cash bail, and reduce or dismiss charges where severe punishment such as incarceration is unwarranted. She will not declare cases death-eligible or automatically seek the highest penalty for a particular crime. She will institute practices within the office of district attorney that are data-driven and reduce racial, class, and gender bias. She will be more transparent in her practices by collecting data about whom we are jailing and prosecuting and the results of those prosecutions.”

Join Ken Rose and PA PAC in voting for Satana Deberry for Durham DA!

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