Why We Support David Price

The People’s Alliance PAC endorses David Price for the United State House of Representatives District 4. With the end to Republican gerrymandering of congressional districts, all of Durham County now falls with Price’s district. Representative Price’s determination to prioritize federal funding for affordable housing and public transportation addresses two persistent and critical concerns in Durham. We are impressed with Representative Price’s support of H.R.1 which would fundamentally change the role and power of money in elections. We support Representative Price’s commitment to free public education, a progressive tax system, Medicare for all, expanding civil rights legislation to protect LGBTQ people and climate change mitigation. We believe that Representative Price’s is able to leverage his role in the House and as a member of the Appropriations Committee to fight for legislation that reflects PA’s values.


Why We Support Roy Cooper

The People’s Alliance PAC endorses Roy Cooper for Governor on North Carolina. We are impressed by Governor Cooper’s demonstrated support for all residents of our state as evidenced by his veto of HB370. We like his brave position against gun violence. With no support from the Republican-controlled General Assembly he issued an executive order strengthening background checks for firearm purchases. He has also used his executive authority to support the LBGTQ community by stopping state funding for organizations that engage in conversion therapy. Governor Cooper’s position on the minimum wage is aligned PA’s He is committed to signing legislation guaranteeing a $15 minimum wage. On voting rights, the governor has worked to expand access to the polls and in defense of the environment, he has pressed Duke Energy to remove coal ash from its ponds. Governor Cooper’s strong stance in support of teacher raises and Medicaid expansion strongly align with the PA’s vision of a just and equitable North Carolina where all people can live and thrive.

Why We Support Chaz Beasley

The People’s Alliance PAC supports Chaz Beasley for North Carolina Lieutenant Governor. We think it's a plus that Chaz has a Durham connection. He knows our city since he spent much of his youth East Durham. Currently, Chaz serves in the North Carolina House of Representatives, where he represents residents in part of Charlotte. He proved himself to be an able legislator during his first term in office by introducing and seeing passed into law a bill that modernized North Carolina's sexual assault laws. In addition to his role at the General Assembly, Chaz is an attorney working in the financial industry, where he helped reform lending practices. Through his work on complex financial transactions for businesses and banks, he is familiar with the investments needed to create and sustain jobs and how such transactions can be structured to protect the financial interests of working people. He recognizes the importance of building community through home ownership. Chaz also served on the staff of Senator Harry Reid former Senate majority leader in Washington focusing his legal research on issues relating to immigration and economic development.

His actions and values align with those of PA; he supports public education and higher teachers’ salaries. He will fight for a progressive tax system, to expand Medicaid, and will work to bridge the rural-urban divide to bring prosperity to all parts of our state. Chaz understands that current majority in the General Assembly has acted to undermine the right to vote, restrict women’s right to make their own health care decisions, and obstruct the rights of LGBTQ+ people in North Carolina, and he will continue to fight back when elected Lt. Governor.


Why We Support Nimasheena Burns

The People’s Alliance endorses Nimasheena Burns for the Durham Board of County Commissioners. Nimasheena is a North Carolina native with an experience working with local, state and the federal
government. With a strong background in cyber security and economics, Nimasheena currently manages an economic development partnership for the Department of Defense which helps small businesses diversify their
portfolios and contracts. The interview committee was impressed with Nimasheena’s experience with managing massive budgets and ability to work effectively with all levels of government. Throughout the
entirety of her professional career, Nimasheena has also advocated for Durham’s most vulnerable communities through several charitable organizations. Nimasheena’s record speaks for itself and she has proven that her
positions on education, criminal justice reform and fair housing align with those of the People’s Alliance. Although she has yet to have held public office in Durham, the interview committee firmly believes that
Nimasheena’s unique skillset, experience and passion will make her a fantastic member of the Board of County Commissioners.

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