PA PAC endorses candidates for May and November election

Yesterday, more than 250 PA members--our friends, family and neighbors--voted to endorse progressive voices for the upcoming May 8 election and the election.  We choose progressive voices to represent us in Washington and Raleigh, the school board and as Sheriff, District Attorney and Clerk of Superior Court.

Endorsements for candidates on the ballot for the May 8 election

United States House of Representatives District 4:  David Price   

Durham County Sheriff:  Clarence Birkhead

Durham County District Attorney:  Satana Deberry

Durham County Board of Education District 1:  Michael Lee

Durham County Board of Education District 2:  Bettina Hope Umstead                

Durham County Board of Education District 3:  Matthew Sears                                                                                                  

Durham County Board of Education District 4:  Natalie Jones Beyer

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2018 Primary Questionnaires

Each election, PA PAC develops a candidate questionnaire to better understand the candidates' positions on the important issues facing Durham.  The questionnaires and resumes received to date for the upcoming primary election are provided below.  

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People’s Alliance Political Action Committee applauds the appointment of Javiera Caballero to Durham City Council

People’s Alliance PAC applauds the appointment of Javiera Caballero to the Durham City Council.  Caballero will be a passionate and effective advocate for the Latinx community and all of Durham as we take on the many challenges before us.  While her personal experience provides her with a special sensitivity and insight into the problems and aspirations of the Latinx community, she is not limited by that experience. We believe she will be a powerful voice for the people of Durham.

The new Council promises to be strongly progressive--poised to take on many of the city’s most pressing issues:  gentrification, police accountability, racial and economic justice and the environment.  We look to the new council to ensure that Durham truly is a city for all.  People’s Alliance PAC sincerely thanks the many candidates that put their names forward for consideration--Durham is the city that it is because of their commitment to its civic, educational and artistic institutions.  We hope that they will all renew their commitment to public life that brought them into this process.  Durham needs their voices now more than ever.  

Javiera Caballero was appointed by the six current members of the Durham City Council to fill the at-Large seat vacated by Mayor Steve Schewel during a special session held Tuesday, January 16.  She was sworn in immediately after her appointment and will serve the remainder of the term ending December 2019.  She was endorsed by the People’s Alliance PAC at its endorsement meeting held on Monday, January 8.

Javiera Caballero’s People’s Alliance PAC questionnaire is available here.

PA PAC members vote to endorse Javiera Caballero for appointment to vacant Council seat

On Monday January 8, nearly 200 members of the People's Alliance convened to endorse a candidate for appointment to vacant City Council seat.  After nearly three hours of debate, PA members voted to recommend Javiera Caballero.  PA PAC thanks the remaining six finalists currently being considered for their commitment to Durham--they have dedicated their time and effort to putting forth a strong progressive vision for Durham. 

The at-Large seat, vacated by Mayor Steve Schewel will be filled by the currrent members of City Council.  Following the endorsement of Caballero, PA PAC coordinators sent the letter below to Mayor Steve Schewel and City Council members DeDreana Freeman, Vernetta Alston, Mark-Anthony Middleton, Jillian Johnson and Charlie Reece.

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