Yes! Vote For Luebke!

Following the very sad announcement that Representative Paul Luebke passed away this week end, a number of voters in the 30th N.C. House District have asked, “Should I still vote for Paul?”

Yes. Absolutely.  You should still vote for Paul Luebke.  The Durham County Democratic Party will name someone to fill out his current unexpired term and when Paul wins this election, to serve his upcoming term.  The party has rules that place the selection process primarily in the hands of the precinct chairs and vice chairs from Paul’s district – about 40 people in all.  We all know them.  They are our friends and neighbors.  They knew Paul and we am sure they will struggle mightily to fill such big shoes.  They will justify your vote for Paul.

Taking the North Carolina House back from its harsh republican majority was important to Paul.  He would want us to claim his seat for the democratic party.  So vote for Paul Luebke this election with the same determination and commitment he always showed for us.

The complete list of People's Alliance PAC endorsements for November 2016 are available here.