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Peoples Alliance PAC Endorsement Process

People's Alliance PAC takes candidate endorsements very seriously.  We seek candidates’ responses to questionnaires and conduct candidate interviews. We make our own independent examination of each candidate’s background and record of public service.  This information is reported to the members of the People’s Alliance who deliberate together and vote to determine which candidates, if any, will receive the PAC’s endorsement.  At our endorsement meetings, all members stand on an equal footing and debate continues until every member who wishes to be heard has been given the opportunity to speak.  We then use our resources to promote the election of the candidates we endorse.  Because of the thoroughness of our inquiry and the integrity of our process, the endorsement of the People’s Alliance PAC is sought after by candidates and influential among voters. VISIT OUR FAQ PAGE

People's Alliance PAC Mission: Electing Good Leaders

People’s Alliance PAC is a Political Action Committee formed for the purpose of endorsing, supporting, and promoting candidates who will effectively advocate for and implement legislation and policies that advance the principles of the People’s Alliance.

We want people to have the opportunity for a life of accomplishment, dignity, and pride, and to at least have their basic needs met. We adhere to these principles: community guarantee of basic needs; celebration of diversity; stewardship; and local decision-making.

For Durham to be a progressive community in which we want to live, middle-class, working, and lower income people, must identify and select leaders who represent their interests.  If these residents of Durham do not have an effective political voice, the views of large businesses and outside special interests will prevail, to the detriment of our community.  We also believe that Durham’s people, leaders, and community institutions must address and resolve issues of racial inequity before we can all succeed.

Decisions about the issues that the People's Alliance promotes, and the candidates that our PAC endorses, are made in a democratic manner and the participation of all members in this process is not only encouraged, but is critical to our success.

CONTACT: L'Tanya Durante, People's Alliance, 919-682-7777,

Lorisa Seibel, PAC, 919-801-6863,