Victory at the Polls and the Promise of a Brighter Future

 PA PAC would like to congratulate our candidates on their well-fought campaigns in the recent Durham County elections. We congratulate incumbents Wendy Jacobs and Ellen Reckhow, and newcomers Heidi Carter and James Hill, on their successful nomination and apparent election to the Durham County Board of Commissioners. We also congratulate our candidate Elaine Hyman for a great campaign which unfortunately was not successful. Elaine continues to work for a progressive and equitable Durham on the Planning Commission. We are lucky to have her. Brenda Howerton also deserves our congratulations for her successful effort at re-election.

We congratulate Sharon Davis on her securing the Democratic nomination (and apparent election) for Register of Deeds, and Steve Unruhe, Minnie Forte-Brown, and Xavier Cason on their election to the Durham School Board.

In state-wide contests, we congratulate our successful candidates: Deborah Ross for US Senate, Roy Cooper for Governor, Linda Coleman for Lieutenant Governor, Josh Stein for Attorney General, Charles Meeker for Commissioner of Labor, June Atkinson for Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Dan Blue, III for State Treasurer.

Thanks go to our PA PAC volunteers and donors, without whom victory would not have been possible. Your efforts help get PAC’s endorsement message, your endorsement message, in the hands of every Durham voter – in the mail and at the polls. You have built up the People’s Alliance brand as one candidates seek and voters trust.

And there is still great work to do. We must wrest North Carolina from the clutches of Pat McCrory and the tea party leadership in the general assembly. From here PA PAC will work in unity with the Durham progressive community to secure victory in November. Our mission is clear. Our resolve is strong. We cannot fail.

Final Durham County Board of Election results are available here.

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